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Root Canal Treatment

Our endodontic expert Ross Henderson has been carrying out root canal treatments at Clifton Dental Clinic since 2009 and has built up a dedicated referral service that has gone from strength to strength. He completed his Master’s degree at the prestigious St Barts Hospital in London and provides all manner of endodontic services, including complex surgical cases.

We will always endeavour to save your teeth rather than remove them because natural teeth are best. The loss of even one tooth can have a detrimental effect on your mouth and it is almost always more expensive to replace a lost tooth than to treat a damaged one. Root canal treatment procedures are comfortable and painless as the tooth is anaesthetised during treatment.

One of the ways we can prevent the loss of a tooth is with root canal treatment. Treatment involves the removal of the irreversibly damaged pulp tissues from the centre of your tooth.

A root canal treated tooth can function normally and can be maintained with routine dental care and oral hygiene measures. We sometimes recommend that root filled teeth are covered with a crown.

Nervous patients welcome

At Clifton Dental Clinic in Glasgow we try to make your dental visits as calm and stress-free as possible. We do this in a number of ways; by being patient, understanding, unhurried and genuinely empathic and investing in techniques that help relieve anxiety, such as oral and IV sedation.

Treatment with sedation is comfortable and you will feel very relaxed but fully co-operative. You may not remember anything about your treatment. Oral sedation involves taking a sedative one hour before any dental treatment and IV sedation involves receiving a small injection in the back of your hand. Both methods will help you to relax and you will feel that treatment has only taken a short amount of time. Afterwards you will need somebody to drive you home and you should not drink any alcohol or go back to work.

Everyday dental care

We are pleased to offer a wide range of dental treatments, from general family dentistry to cosmetic treatments and our Glasgow dentists and hygienists provide high-end dentistry using the best and latest techniques at a price that offers value for money. We feel confident in our claim to provide excellence in dental care for many reasons, most importantly our carefully selected small team of local dentists, who between them have more than 100 years’ experience in providing dental care at the highest levels.

We are pleased to be able to provide many of the most up-to-date dental, hygiene and cosmetic treatments in a relaxed and friendly environment. At each examination appointment a full oral cancer screening is carried out and x-rays are taken at regular intervals to ensure your teeth remain in optimal health.

With our substantial investment in state-of-the-art sterilisation and decontamination equipment our patients can feel safe in the knowledge that they are receiving the very best care in a clean and safe manner.