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Teeth in a day

Teeth in a day

The Teeth in a Day method, also known as All-on-4 dental implants and Same Day Teeth, was created over a decade ago and provides an alternative to other forms of dental implant treatment.

It allows you to receive a fully fixed set of teeth attached to only four dental implants, all of which can be placed in one day. At Clifton Dental Clinic in Glasgow, Teeth in a Day is an advanced method of implant treatment available at prices from £6995.00 for ten - twelve teeth on four implants.

Teeth in a Day involves four dental implants being strategically placed in specific areas of the gum and bone in order to provide crucial support for a tooth replacement. Similar to the screws used in normal implant treatment, it is a subtle difference in the placement of the implants during the Same Day Teeth process that sets it apart. By placing the implants at strategic angles in the jaw, appropriate stability is created with fewer implants needed. Also, with All-on-4 dental implants there is often no need for bone grafting.

Live your life to the full

  • Complete your smile with same day teeth at Clifton Dental Clinic
  • It is a much more cost efficient method of receiving implants
  • Eat your favourite foods – implants are fixed so you can eat what you like
  • Taste your food – there’s no plastic plate over your palate so food tastes better
  • Improve your looks – implants preserve bone avoiding a ‘caved in’ appearance
  • Feel more confident – implants are securely fixed so your teeth won’t slip
  • Payment options and 0% interest
  • 10-year guarantee for dental implant treatment*

Our CT scanner gives accurate 3D x-rays so that we can precisely plan your implant treatment in an accurate and safe way. You will be fully informed about your implant placement prior to commencing.

Though Teeth in a Day is an advanced form of tooth replacement, it is not suitable for all patients. The team at Clifton Dental Clinic will be happy to review your case during an initial consultation, after which we can recommend a suitable course of action if Same Day Teeth are found to be unsuitable for your particular case. For more information contact our team of dental implant professionals today.

*If you follow our hygiene recommendations and attend accordingly.

Fiona's Story

“When I first saw my smile I felt really confident, very happy and delighted with it. The real plus is that I’m able to eat all sorts of crunchy foods like apples and salads, which makes life a lot more enjoyable.”

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