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Gum Disease

The impact of gum disease on our bodies is significant. There is evidence that gum disease can be linked to more than 20 serious illnesses, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, strokes, some cancers and premature births. We firmly believe that neglecting our oral health is not a risk worth taking.

Gum disease can be silent and its effects can creep up on us. The early stages of gum disease are reversible so it is essential they are caught and dealt with as early as possible. This is why regular hygiene appointments with the dedicated team at Clifton Dental Clinic, Glasgow are so vital.

  • There are 20 billion bacteria living in our mouths – both good and bad
  • More than half the population has active gum disease and doesn’t know it
  • Bad breath, bleeding and inflammation of the gums are telltale signs of gum disease
  • The toxins caused by gum disease are leaked into the blood stream and have been linked to life threatening illnesses.
  • Non-smokers are 20% less likely to suffer from gum disease

We offer a range of hygiene therapy services and appointment lengths that are tailored to suit your individual needs, including:

  • detailed oral hygiene advice
  • dietary advice
  • thorough cleaning and polishing
  • Air Flow polishing to restore your teeth to their natural whiteness
  • essential after-care hygiene therapy post implant treatment
  • stain removal for naturally brighter smiles
  • bad breath advice to help boost your confidence
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Dental hygiene

At Clifton Dental Clinic, the aim of our Glasgow hygienists is to work with you so that you can enjoy dental health for life, with strong, fully functioning teeth, no disease and no pain. You are never too old to start taking proper care of your teeth and gums. Through regular dental health assessments and advice, we can work with you to achieve excellent dental wellbeing.

We are passionate about prevention and will show you where your mouth is healthy and the areas that need more attention. We will demonstrate how to rid your teeth of preventable and unwanted dental disease and decay. Our aim is to see our patients smiling with pride knowing their strong and healthy teeth will serve them well for their lifetime.

Post implant after-care

Caring for your gums after dental implant treatment is essential. A tooth bed that is infected with bacteria and inflamed degenerates constantly and over time, the teeth lose their grip. The same applies to implants, around which the jawbone becomes inflamed. The result? The implant can fail.

This is the reason we stress the importance of hygiene care for our implant patients and offer your first hygiene visit, one month after your implants have been placed, free of charge. Your clinician will then recommend a frequency of hygiene visits depending on your circumstances. If you follow our recommendations and attend accordingly, we will guarantee your implants 10 years.