Patient stories

Chris's Story

“You wouldn’t even notice that they weren’t my own front teeth.”

A few years ago Chris accidentally smashed his two front teeth. He subsequently suffered from infections and complications and he decided to visit Clifton Dental & Implant Clinic for a free dental implant consultation.

Chris could not get used to the denture that was initially provided to replace his lost upper front teeth.



    Chris said the feeling of not having his own front teeth for so many years and now taking them totally for granted is testament to how confident he is with his dental implants. He also praised our team for making him feel so comfortable and at ease.

    “I think the initial thing when you come into the practice is the feeling that you’re in an establishment that’s offering five star treatment. I would highly consider coming back again if the need should arise.”

      Patient stories

      Heather's Story

      “My life after treatment has changed totally. It’s the best move I ever made.”

      For years Heather was fearful of the dentist and as a result she had neglected her teeth. It was apparent that she required dental care and this is what brought her along to Clifton Dental & Implant Clinic.

      Apart from dental problems affecting her teeth, Heather was extremely nervous of treatment and needed a lot of reassurance and understanding.


        “I’ve gained more confidence. This is the best thing I ever did and I am glad that I went through with this treatment. Everyone was very kind and it was a relaxing atmosphere. My advice to anyone considering having implants is to go ahead and have it done. It’s painless and it can change your life forever.”

        “When I first saw my smile after my treatment I couldn’t believe it. It’s changed my life.”

          Patient stories

          Jim's Story

          “It’s superb - I’ve got a better smile and I feel more comfortable when I’m in company and when I’m eating. I’m very happy indeed.”

          When Jim was just 20 years old he had dentures. In later life he found he was starting to struggle to eat properly and was suffering with a sore mouth and mouth ulcers on his gums, so he decided to do something about it. His dentist referred him to Clifton Dental & Implant Clinic.

          Jim was assessed by CT scan to have his full lower denture replaced by fixed bridge.


            “It’s been an absolutely great success for me and I’d recommend it to anybody. I felt great when I first saw my smile, that was really, really good. The staff and Allan were great to me. I have no complaints at all.”

              Patient stories

              Margaret's Story

              “When I first saw my smile I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror. There was absolutely no pain whatsoever and I would definitely recommend the practice to others.”

              Margaret was having problems with a tooth that had been root treated but was still giving her pain. After an x-ray, her own dentist found that the root of the tooth was fractured. Margaret was advised that she could either have the tooth removed or have a plate. As a plate wasn’t something she wanted, her dentist referred her to Clifton Dental & Implant Clinic for a consultation.

              Margaret lost a tooth in a visible area and the space affected her confidence and chewing.


                “When I first saw my smile after treatment I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror and that’s not something I do normally. I just kept looking at my implant saying it’s really there and it’s not going to move. It was lovely.”

                “The advice I would give to others even thinking about it is to come in, speak to the staff, speak to Dr Pirie, see how you feel about it but don’t think too long. There’s nothing to think about – just do it!”

                  Patient stories

                  Fiona's Story

                  “Life after treatment has been really great. I have no worries about my teeth and I really feel happy with my smile.”

                  Fiona’s dentist referred her to Clifton Dental & Implant Clinic because her upper teeth were not in a very good condition and some of them needed to be removed.

                  Fiona had problems with her gums and needed many teeth replaced with implants.


                    “When I first saw my smile I felt really confident, very happy and delighted with it. The real plus is that I’m able to eat all sorts of crunchy foods like apples and salads, which makes life a lot more enjoyable.”

                    “My advice to anyone thinking of having this treatment is to seriously go ahead. It takes a little while but it’s really worth it. The practice is friendly, warm, quite homely and very welcoming.”

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