Dentist testimonials

Clive Bell's testimonial

“We are absolutely delighted and our patients are absolutely delighted. The feedback we have is excellent and as a consequence we are delighted to be continuing to refer. I would absolutely recommend Clifton Dental.”

    Dentist testimonials

    Margaret Bridges's testimonial

    “Allan’s a very approachable person, his staff are very friendly and they offer a very nice experience for the patient. It’s very easy for us working with Clifton Dental & Implant Clinic. We can do referrals by phone or email and the staff are very helpful. We’ve all been delighted with the treatment outcomes. The patients have been very happy and the aesthetic results have been excellent. I would heartily recommend Clifton Dental & Implant Clinic because the patients are always delighted.”

      Dentist testimonials

      Eva Constantine's testimonial

      “I’ve chosen Clifton Dental to refer my patients to because they have an ethical and caring name. Allan is a very, very good dentist, very competent and kind. He will give the best advice to my patients regarding their treatment and they always come back very happy. It is very easy working with Clifton Dental & Implant Clinic . The staff are very helpful and kind to the patients and we get results immediately. I am extremely happy with the final treatment outcomes and my patients are too, so it’s the full package. I would recommend Clifton Dental & Implant Clinic and Allan in particular without hesitation.”

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