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Implants to secure your denture

If you can’t get on with dentures and find them wobbly, uncomfortable or embarrassing, it is possible to have a natural-looking denture that is firmly attached to titanium dental implants for security and peace of mind.

Fixed implant dentures allow you to:

  • Enjoy any food you like - your diet can have as much variety as you wish
  • Socialise without the worry that your dentures may slip
  • Throw away your denture adhesive because implants are securely fixed
  • Taste your food because there’s no plastic plate over your palate
  • Improve your looks as implants preserve bone avoiding a ‘caved in’ appearance

Free initial consultation

New patients are important to us from the very beginning, which is why our principal dentists and implant experts, Allan Pirie and Mark Sorrentino offer a free initial consultation. This is quite different from most other practices that might have an implant co-ordinator to deal with this first appointment. We would also like to stress that you are under no pressure or obligation to take up implant treatment.

Reasons to choose Clifton Dental Clinic

  • We use top quality products
  • Highly qualified implant surgeons with ore than 20 years’ experience
  • Free initial consultation with our implant expert – not a treatment co-ordinator
  • 3D CBCT scanning for precision placement
  • Oral and IV sedation for nervous patients
  • Payment options and 0% interest
  • 10-year guarantee for dental implant treatment*
  • Excellent hygiene after care

Jim's Story

“It’s been an absolutely great success for me and I’d recommend it to anybody. I felt great when I first saw my smile, that was really, really good. The staff and Allan were great to me. I have no complaints at all.”

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Finance Calculator

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Borrowing £1,500 over 48 months with an APR of 9.9% and zero deposit, your monthly repayments would be £179.75 a month and total amount repayable of £1,648.5*
* Prices may vary

Payment examples
  • Loan amount £ 1,500
  • 12 repayments £1,500
  • 24 repayments £1,648.5
  • 36 repayments £1,648.5
  • 48 repayments £1,648.5
  • 60 repayments £1,648.5
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