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Margaret’s Story

“When I first saw my smile I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror. There was absolutely no pain whatsoever and I would definitely recommend the practice to others.”

Margaret was having problems with a tooth that had been root treated but was still giving her pain. After an x-ray, her own dentist found that the root of the tooth was fractured. Margaret was advised that she could either have the tooth removed or have a plate. As a plate wasn’t something she wanted, her dentist referred her to Clifton Dental Clinic for a consultation.

Margaret lost a tooth in a visible area and the space affected her confidence and chewing.

“When I first saw my smile after treatment I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror and that’s not something I do normally. I just kept looking at my implant saying it’s really there and it’s not going to move. It was lovely.”

“The advice I would give to others even thinking about it is to come in, speak to the staff, speak to Dr Pirie, see how you feel about it but don’t think too long. There’s nothing to think about – just do it!”